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Swing Doors

affordable swing doors services

Choosing the right doors for your home or commercial building can seem tricky. There are so many choices out there, including the basic designs as well as the style and materials that will best set off your project. This is exactly where the team from Automatic Doors West Palm Beach can help. We have experience in a wide range of projects for business and residential properties and can advise what will work for your space and your budget. If you’re thinking of installing swing doors into your business or home, get in touch so we can walk through the options available.

Advantages of swing doors

Swing doors take up relatively little space and offer full opening which can make it easier to get people through them quickly. Swing doors can be automated, meaning they open using a sensor or keypad, manual, or set to close automatically to stop the property from being exposed to the elements for too long. Having swing doors can make your property accessible for people with disabilities, or simply make it easier for those carrying things to move about the building. Automated swing doors can be retrofitted into older buildings, and made to operate silently and with no contact required for convenience.

Commercial swing doors

We often install swing doors into commercial settings, such as kitchens, clinics, schools, and hospitals. Swing doors are a sensible choice in locations where foot traffic is high and people may not have a spare hand to open a regular door handle. Featuring heavy-duty hinges and performance glass to make sure the doors continue to function smoothly for many years to come, all of the products used by our team are high quality and of great value. Call Automatic Doors West Palm Beach to find out more about our commercial swing door installation, maintenance, and repair services.

Residential uses for swing doors

Swing doors are a fairly common feature in commercial buildings. However, there are times when they may also be useful in a home. Swing doors can be easier to use if you’re coming through the door carrying things - which is why they are so often used for professional kitchens. However, this same feature can be great in a busy home, too. You may also find swing doors including doors with automatic closing or opening features, which can help in homes where the residents are elderly or disabled and may struggle to open and close a regular door.

Our swing doors service

Swing doors are one choice from many different types of residential and commercial doors. If you’re wondering if swing doors might be the right choice for your business property or home, get in touch so our team can talk you through the pros and cons. We will be happy to review your situation and make suggestions about the type and style of door you might find suitable, and which fits the project budget you’ve set. Look at the contact page of this website to learn more about how to get in touch with us, and get a free no-obligation quote for the service you require.

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