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Fire Rated Doors

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Fire-rated doors can be required by local building codes when you’re renovating, extending, or constructing a new property. They can save the lives of people inside the building if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer a fire in the property - giving precious time to escape or call the fire service, as well as stopping smoke which can be a killer. Many people are unsure about whether they need fire doors in their home, and which type of fire-rated door is required in their commercial properties. Our team can help - give us a call today to discuss your needs, and schedule a visit for a free no-obligation estimate.

What are fire-rated doors?

Fire-rated doors are built to withstand fire and stop smoke from passing through in the case of ablaze. Fire-rated doors can give people on a property that has caught fire valuable time to escape or to get emergency responders on the scene to help. Automatic Doors West Palm Beach installs fire-rated doors in domestic and commercial settings and can work with a range of different options to ensure you get exactly what is needed for your specific property.

Do I need to install fire-rated doors?

Whether or not you need fire-rated doors in your home or commercial property will depend on the local building codes, the property type, and your personal preferences. The team at Automatic Doors West Palm Beach can talk through the options if you need advice, or you can have an architect review your property to assess the need for upgraded doors at the same time as you carry out any other renovations.

How do I select fire-rated doors?

Fire-rated doors come with a rating that shows how long the door should be able to stand up to heat and smoke in an average fire. Doors are built to last from 20 minutes, right up to 3 hours, and are clearly labeled to help you see and understand the type of door you’re dealing with. The different grades of doors are recommended for use in different locations around a home or commercial property. You might use a 90-minute door in a stairwell, for example, while the most robust 180-minute door is usually used in walls that separate buildings

Our fire-rated doors service

Fire-rated doors save lives, and our team here at Automatic Doors West Palm Beach are proud to be able to help home and business owners here keep themselves and their loved ones safe. We can install different types of fire-rated doors according to the location and building type, with a professional service level you know you can trust. Give us a call today to talk through your requirements.

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