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Commercial Impact Windows

reliable commercial impact windows services

If you have a commercial building - maybe a hotel, office, or condominium - you’ll want to protect your investment and keep the people living or working there safe. Commercial impact windows can be a good way to do just that. Impact windows - which can be used in both residential and commercial properties - are designed to stand up to storm-force winds, hurricanes, and human damage. That means they should protect the building and everything inside of it, even if someone tries to break-in, or if you get hit during hurricane season. Call Automatic Doors West Palm Beach to learn more.

Commercial impact windows - storm protection for your business

Commercial impact windows are reinforced to stand up to bad weather, including flying debris. This has the obvious benefit that your windows are far less likely to break in a storm, keeping your property and everyone in it safe. This means less to clean up, and less to worry about, even when storms hit. Commercial impact windows come in a wide range of materials and designs and can be both retrofitted or added into new construction projects such as hotels, stores, condos, clinics, and schools.

Commercial impact windows - other benefits

It’s not just storms that might cause damage to your windows. Impact windows are also far less likely to crack or shatter in the face of human actions. If someone tries to break into your store by breaking the windows, for example, they’ll struggle to get through the tough glass. Commercial impact windows are super tough - and this can also lead to better thermal insulation and acoustics. Depending on your selection, impact windows can also offer increased UV protection and may cut your insurance premiums, too. What’s not to love?

Types of commercial impact windows

There are many different types and styles of impact windows available, both for commercial buildings and stores, as well as for residential properties and condominiums. You’ll see windows that use aluminum, vinyl, and wood, with the glass tempered and strengthened using methods such as the addition of plastic film. Whatever materials you choose, you’ll also be able to take a look at different designs to fit your building and personal taste, as well as your budget.

Our commercial impact windows service

Commercial impact windows are just a smart business investment. You’ll be upgrading your building which increases its value while keeping it safe from break-ins and storms. Impact windows mean you don’t need to worry about clearing up after bad weather, and your tenants can rest easy knowing they’re safe. Obtain a quick, free no-obligation quote - we are just a call or message away. Full details of how to get in touch, on the contact page.

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