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Automatic Doors

premier automatic doors services

Automatic doors come with a whole host of advantages at home or in a commercial building. They are convenient, increase security, and look great. Automatic doors can also help maintain the ambient temperature in your building as they can’t accidentally be left open. Our team installs and repairs a wide range of different styles of automatic doors, which means you’ll certainly be able to find something from our extensive range to suit your taste and budget.

Types of automatic door

The reliable team at Automatic Doors West Palm Beach knows a whole lot about automatic doors, so you don’t have to. We can guide you through your choices including swing doors, sliding doors, and revolving doors, as well as walking through the types of mechanisms available to automate opening. You might choose doors with a motion sensor for example, or a simple remote control system to make your home or commercial property even more convenient. Don’t worry about being overwhelmed by options, just tell us a little about your preferences and your budget and we’ll do the rest.

How to choose the right automatic doors for my property

When we advise customers about which automatic doors might work for their property, we will first ask questions and listen, to get to know the space, your style, and your budget. The type of door we recommend will depend on a broad variety of factors. Of course, some opening mechanisms are better suited to some situations, and we will also need to know a bit about how often people will come and go through the doors to help advise. Finally, our team can guide you through the aesthetics of the doors we have on offer, choosing the best materials to fit into your design.

Automatic door repairs and maintenance

While the automatic doors we install are built to last, all mechanical doors will need a bit of attention from time to time to make sure they continue to function as well as possible. Our contractors can talk you through how often you should plan on servicing your doors, as well as some home maintenance tips to keep everything running smoothly. We can then agree on a servicing and maintenance plan which is individual to your specific needs. Give Automatic Doors West Palm Beach a call if you need help!

Our automatic doors service

Automatic doors are the thing we work on the most - but the service we offer is still completely unique to each customer. Whether you’re looking for a single door installed in your home, or a full commercial build project, our team will take the best possible care of you and walk you through the process from choosing to installing and maintaining the doors you want. To learn more about the reliable work we do, get in touch with a consultant at Automatic Doors West Palm Beach today.

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